The Wedding Day Timesavers

Every wedding has it's quirky mishaps and things going amiss.  It's really just a preface of what marriage will be like ;)  You can plan a wedding, marriage, life... but rolling with punches when things go awry should be part of your plan too.

I want to share a couple events that may delay your wedding day, but let's plan to deal with it beforehand.

Here we go ~

1.  Boutonnieres.
First off, this is a hard word to spell.  Thank you spell check, you know I need you everytime.  So, it is rare that these man flowers get pinned:  a. on time  b. correctly.  Plan to have someone available for your guys.  Bottom line, they need help with their flowers and tying their ties.

2.  Bustling the wedding gown.
When you purchase the gown, make sure the same person who will help you on your day is present.  I've seen gowns with color coded bustles that can be done with ease and I've also seen 50 bridesmaids attempt to bustle a gown that looked an impossible puzzle to put together.  Know ahead of time if your gown can be coded or if it will be a game to conquer...then plan for it.

Don't let these two events get out of hand.  Save the day and plan!

Are there other things you have experienced that lead to a wedding day mishap or delay?  Comment and let me hear about it!

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