Bridal Flowers | Monroe Wedding Photographer

Do you know how to get the bridal flowers you want for your wedding day and bridal pictures?  It's to your professional florist in depth about color, themes, and size. 

That is exactly what I did when ordering this particular bridal bouquet.  I wanted muted, soft colors (as opposed to bright, bold).  I told my florist the theme of the bridal shoot which was organic and earthy and that I would like the bridal flowers to look like I went out into the field and grabbed a handful of flowers and foliage.  We also discussed what kind of wrap to tie around the stems and how big the arrangement should be.

The day I picked up the bouquet it was not a shocking, awkward moment of..."What is this?"  It was "Oh yeah!  That's exactly what we talked about and what I wanted!"  This, my friends, is the result of great communication with my florist!

Brides...I would love to know what type of flowers you are planning for your wedding day!  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much to Rebecca at Rebecca's Floral Designs for a great bouquet!  She can be found on Facebook and on the Web.