I Lost Weight

I started a Whole30 journey to lose weight but had no idea that I would experience an entire new physical (not only weight loss) and mental state.  I read about the benefits to the Whole30 but thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  Wrong!

How it started - I got too comfortable and ate comfortable food...mostly fatty, greasy, sugary food, and a salad every once in awhile.  And I celebrated that salad! Ha!  Btw, I am a short girl and my body does not handle an extra 15-20lbs very well!  After being too comfortable for a few years or 10, I finally got determined.

I always thought I was overweight because I didn't exercise.  So, I exercised, lost a little weight, toned a little, but never dropped and kept off the extra pounds.  Here arrives the Whole30!  I had been following them on Instagram for a while reading others results and looking at the recipes.  Could I actually do this? 

I bought the book, read it in 3 days, and started my journey in October 2015.

Week One/Day One.  I had to eat what I already had in the house because I didn't grocery shop.  What the heck was I thinking?  I made it through the day eating complaint but headed to the grocery the next morning.  The rest of the week...well I can't really remember because I erased it out of my memory Ha!  It was rough.  My hardest part of the day is 3pm-9pm.  All I want to do is snack and eat lasagna.  But, I made it through.

Around Day Seven the fog lifted, the clouds parted and I saw the light!  Dramatic, I know but it's true.  I didn't realize the affect bad food had been for me.  My energy level was up a notch.  My wedding ring was feeling not as tight on my finger.  How much week had I lost in the first week?  I don't know, and I didn't care (and you're not allowed to weigh yourself during the 30 days).

Long story short, 30 days came and went.  Besides losing 10lbs (whaaa!?, yay!), I slept better at night, my skin cleared up, and my sugar level (I'm hypoglycemic) was stable.  And my energy was crazy...no more crashing at 3:00pm and eating sugar to keep me going. 

So now for what I ate (and the pictures).  Oh and I completed another round of Whole30 in January and lost another 10lbs.  I am now continuing eating the same foods with cheats here and there.  I have also started exercising because I don't want my body to get weak and frail.  And I also bought new clothes!  Ha!  Thanks Herringstones, Lucky, and K-Sera for my new outfits! :)

Every meal I incorporated - healthy fat, protein, and at least 2 veges.  So here we go....

Breakfast| Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. With veges, avacado, and berries.

Lunch | Leftover supper or usually Salad.  I found that Walmart carries these great pre-packaged vege ka-bobs which are very useful for every meal.  I used the ka-bobs with my omelets, salads, and saute with meat for supper.

Supper | Shrimp, Pot Roast, Chicken, Fish, Burgers, Chili

Side Dishes | My favorite: Cauliflower Mash.  Also, saute veges, baked potatoes (whole or cubed), steamables

Snacks | You'll see my favorites below.  Although snacking is kinda a no-no, I broke the rules.

The Whole30 has been the best decision when it comes to my health.  I had no idea how bad I felt while eating unhealthy until I started following this plan.  The hubby and few other people came aboard with me during my second round and they all say the same - life changing!

If you have any questions, please let me know!  If you plan to join us, I recommend getting the Whole30 book.  Reading the why behind it and cooking their recipes is what kept me going.