I Want to Water 10 Camels

This post explains a lot of what has been happening in my life over the past year.  "I wish I knew then, what I know now" has never rang truer. The phrase "MAXIMUM OVERLOAD CAUSES MINIMUM EFFECTIVENESS" resonated in my bones as I read it today.  I realized that a phrase has been connected to what I have been feeling.

I have been a part of many great things these last few years,  all of which have kept me (and Brian) very busy and it has been satisfying work for us at times.  The issue is, while we have been busy, we have also been trying to keep up with our home life (marriage, family, friends, house work, and making time for down time), spiritual life (church, serving others, personal devotions, prayer), and working full time jobs.  I know everyone has the same struggle of juggling life and going 90 mph, but never feeling accomplished.  Feeling and being overloaded to the point that you physically and mentally can't give 100% to all activities in life, so instead each aspect may only receive 25% or less of your time and attention thus causing minimum effectiveness in all areas of your life.  In other words, becoming a minimalist, giving the least possible effort to the big and small things of life.

I recently read about Rebekah (Gen 24), who met Abraham's servant, who was looking for a wife for Abraham's' son Isaac, at a well.  The sign the servant asked from God to know if he choose the right woman was that she would not only offer water to him, but also the 10 camels he brought with him.  Following me so far?  Rebekah arrived at the well with her jar and gave water to the servant and also to the 10 camels, just as the servant asked from God.  Side note...God answered his prayer before he was finished praying for it....must be nice :)

I do believe life was slower paced during that time, so I wonder if that story was set to today's time...a modern Rebekah, if you will, would have been too busy to stop and give water to 10 camels (by the way, one camel can consume 25 gallons of water, so I assume that watering them took a while).  I mean, she had a house to clean, supper to cook, kids to bathe, a full time job.....  Think of what she would have missed out on if she didn't have the time to be hospitable to the servant and his camels.

Rebekah was not a minimalist.  If this was a test in school, she would have received 2 gold stars and a smiley face for her efforts.  To be more effective, recently I have minimized my life in hopes of giving 100% to things in life that matter the most.  I want the mantra of my life to change.  I want to water 10 camels.  Bring it on :)