I treat myself to an omelet at least once a week for breakfast, filling them with whatever I have on hand.  It's my way of getting more veges in my diet.  If you share my passion for omelets, keep reading.  If you can't stand omelets, keep reading, because the pictures are pretty. ;) Today's omelet will be filled with cheese, tomatoes, onions, and spinach.


I use one whole egg and one egg white and scramble, scramble, scramble.  I once read that you should scramble eggs for at least 5 mins --- My wrist can't handle that.omeletsChopped veges & cheese.  Sometimes I go ahead and salt the tomatoes before throwing them in egg.omeletsBut today, instead of salting the food, I introduce a cooking secret.  Season your pan before you pour in the egg.  I have sprayed my pan with Olive Oil cooking spray then added salt, pepper, and parsely.omeletsIn goes the egg.  Throw your veges, etc. all over the egg.  Cook for 3-4 mins, then flip one side over.omeletsHere's the photos of my veges and cheese chillin' over the egg, before the flip.omeletsAfter the flip, cook a couple more minutes then remove the pan from the hot stove.  I let my omelet rest a few minutes in the pan, keeping it warm while I fix my plate.  This morning I gave my omelet some friends...blackberries, salsa, and hot green tea.omeletsOh, and that is my omelet plate from Anthropologie.  It makes me feel special.