How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session


Your engagement session is a chance to show your style and interaction as a couple!  It will be a fun time and a great way to preserve memories of this time in your life!  So let's get started on how to prepare for your engagement session-

LOCATION I want this session to be all about you as a couple ~ so I leave it up to you to choose where we go and what we do!  The easiest way to decide this is to do what you would normally on a weekend where you have nothing planned and have all the free time in the world to have fun.  Maybe it's going to the park, watching a movie at home, etc.  I will definitely talk through your ideas and help make the session fun!

HAIR AND MAKEUP I encourage you ladies to get your hair and makeup done professionally.  I know it's an extra cost and more to think about, but it makes a difference in how the pictures turn out/how confident you feel during the shoot.   Your hair can be done with just a simple wash and style, nothing fancy!  If you are planning to do your own makeup here are a few tips: 1 - Visit a local cosmetic store and have them match your skin color (your face should be the same color as your neck) good bright light. 2 - Practice selfies with a flash.  Your makeup should be approximately 25% heavier for the camera.  If it is too subtle, add more! 3 - Need help with applying your makeup?  Check out these videos:  Kandee Johnson, Lauren Curtis, Wayne Goss, and Michelle Phan

MORE GENERAL BEAUTY TIPS No spray tan. Do not use new products at least 3 days before your session, you never know if an allergic reaction may happen. If waxing, do it approximately 3-4 days before your session. With makeup - go matte.  No glittery eye shadows or blush.

CLOTHES I recommend one "dressed up casual look"  and one "fancy" look. Would love to see the groom in a button down or polo with dark jeans or gray pants. Try not to be too matchy but coordinate your colors.  Girls, accessorize, watch your straps from showing, wear slips if necessary and guys, stay away from writing and large logos on your shirts.  Layers and textures translate good on camera...layer your jewelry, scarves, sweater or any combination to create depth.  Above all we want these pictures to feel like you guys, so think of it as your style just dressed up a little. I've included a board for a little inspiration! Click For the ladies.  Click For the guys.

WHAT TO BRING Makeup, etc. for touchups - such as lipstick, blotting paper, translucent powder. Walking shoes - if you are planning to wear high fashion, low comfort :) shoes, bring a pair of slip on shoes just for walking from location to location.

I would love to answer any questions you have about your engagement session and how to prepare.  Shoot me an email!