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My top wedding collection is called the White Collection.  I chose that name because brides take so much of their wedding planning time thinking about the dress, trying on the dress, and traveling to buy the dress!  And I believe the most anticipating time for a wedding attendee is...seeing the dress.  The majority of dresses are white, hence the name White Collection. Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores to shop.  You will most likely see me in the kitchen or bedding section drooling over the awesomeness!  But couple years ago I realized that they sold wedding dresses , dresses for bridesmaids, mom's dresses and accessories and I started planning my pretend wedding.  I'm reliving my dress shopping through you and hope you check out BHLDN for your beautiful dress needs.  Here are a few dresses from their collection!  Stay tuned for more style ideas for mom's, bridesmaids, and other wedding style.

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