Choose Your Wedding Photographer

monroe-wedding-photography-4529 There are many decisions to be made when it comes to planning your perfect wedding!  Some decisions come easier than others (especially when you have a budget), and there are other areas of your day that should take more consideration.  Today let's discuss how to Choose Your Wedding Photographer....

KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WILL SPEND On average, a bride will spend 10-12% of their wedding budget on photography (info taken from The Knot).  Photography is such a huge element on a wedding day, so be prepared to budget for it.

LIKE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER'S WORK Stalk, yes STALK, your photographer's work.  Look through the website, comment on the blog posts you like and get familiar with the style.  Style is the key word here...don't hire a photographer and expect the style/look of her photography to be different than what you see on the website, etc.  What you see is what you get!

LIKE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER There is nothing better than spending a day with someone you actually like and on your wedding day, I will be with in WITH YOU!  If anytime during a consult with a photographer you think something is off, consider if it is because you just don't mesh.  Not meshing could be something you could overlook for one day, but what a better experience the both of you will have when the photographer + bride chemistry is awesome!  Also, be sure that you are on the same page.  Express any questions you may have and know what is happening throughout the day.

LIKE WHAT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IS OFFERING Another how to choose your wedding photographer tip - What do they offer?  Are you getting an option of just digital images and then you're on your own from there or are there products available that complete your wedding photographic journey?  I personally believe you should walk away with an album that will last for years!  An album is something tangible that can be passed down to your children, as opposed to digital images that may be preserved on a disc or usb - which most likely will not be available for use in the future.  Other options I offer are large prints - I like to see clients choose one favorite image and BLOW IT UP as wall art!

Consider each of these tips when choosing your photographer!  Having someone on your team, wanting the best for you on your wedding day is priceless and can make your day flow like a dream! ;)