I'm making some New Year's goals....in June.  Or maybe I'm just fine tuning the ones that I made in my head in January but never actually wrote down.  Whatever the case, I need to buckle down on a few things!

  • Follow a daily schedule that I created a few months ago.  It was fun to make the schedule, but not so fun to follow it.  Now...I'm ready.
  • Get in my personal bible time before noon - everyday!
  • Workout 4 days a week, eat a good breakfast and watch what I eat after 3pm (this is the time my calories really add ++++++ up)
  • Capture more of our life and document it.  30 years from now it would be nice to look back at our lives and laugh at our funny hair and clothes.
  • Organize our closets.
  • Keep the movie marathon days.  One day a week, usually Sunday afternoons, we like to bury up and watch movie after movie after movie.  This one time, Brian bought donuts and we snacked on them ALL DAY in bed.  A moment I'm proud of?  Heck Yea.
  • Book weddings.
  • Design and order new business cards.
  • Read books.
  • Tend to my yard more.  Poor flowers.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Save $$ for 2014 vacation.

That's it for now.  Comment below a goal you would like to accomplish!  It may be something I need to add to my list also!