Lace and Chocolate and Things | Wedding Style

It was 1994.  I was 19 years old.  Brian was 19 years old.  We were in LOVE and we got married and will be celebrating 19 years in October.  That's the good part.  The bad part?  Wedding style.  I had a big plastic beady crown on my head and a big poofy sleeved dress.  My garter was as poofy and big as my sleeves, just ask my brother in law, who was 9 at the time, he caught it (What's up Blake).  Brian wore a "fitted" (actually big and baggy) white tux with tails.  Yes, tails.  I was going to include our 8x10 wedding photo to show you, but I couldn't find it.  Now that is sad. I am very envious of today's bride.  So many unique options and styles.  I know 20 years from now I may be cringing at this post but it will be fun to break out my wedding photo, if I can find it, and this post to compare.

I love the simplicity of these garters.  So cute!  You can click on all the photos to view the websites.



You are going to need a hanger for your wedding gown, so might as well make it as cute as the garter!


Love this bracelet!


And this is just for kicks or the bridal shower or wedding favors or today's snack. DIY chocolate spoons!