The Logo

I've been wanting to work on my logo for a while but have been going back and forth with concepts therefore leaving the logo design on the back burner until I could be a big girl and make a decision.  I have always had a simple block style when it comes to graphic design so I knew the design would be simple.  The color palette, for me, was the kicker.  My old logo was grey but I knew I needed to branch out and add a little color to spice up life ;]  Choosing the colors was a big research project - - - searching the web until my eyeballs hurt and finally deciding on a few colors I could live with for a long time.  Giving myself a couple different color options makes me sleep better at night knowing I can swap things around.  I also included two alternative logos that I can use for watermarking my images (a slightly transparent version also exists).  I am very happy with the final results sooo without further ado, I present the new Kim Wilhite Photography logo!

monroe wedding photography