Young Living - Better Than Burning a Candle

I was a candle burner (and still do occasionally) to make my home smell good.  Then I discovered my ceiling was not the same color it used to be.  That black yuck flying through the air when I burned candles was permanently on my ceiling and other things I'm sure.  Also, no telling what I inhale while burning candles - - I'm sure there are some facts you can Google - - but I'll avoid doing that.

So I walked into someone's home one day and I was thinking I needed whatever smell good candle they were using.  Nope, not a candle.  It was a Young Living diffuser puffing out some nice smelling essential oils.  Until then, I've heard of Young Living and seen it sold in some stores but never experienced it personally.

Wellll, I was immediately intrigued and wanted my home to smell oily good too.  After doing some research I made my mind up to purchase the Starter Kit ($160) that includes 11 popular oils, samples, and a diffuser.  This is what I got:

Screenshot 2018-03-12 12.39.58.png

I love all these oils!  To use the diffuser, add water then use 5 drops of oil.  Push the button.  Easy Peasy.  Then sit back and enjoy your house smelling good AND the health benefits of using the oils.  Yes, they have health benefits that my candles were not providing me.

A quick run down of the health benefits from my favorites and how I use them:
Lavender - It is great for your skin and also helps you sleep well.
Peppermint - Rub on your temples for headache relief and it is so refreshing to diffuse when sinuses act up.
Stress Away - I diffuse this at night in our bedroom for calming and saying goodbye to my stress.

The web has so much information and since I'm really just learning, but loving, these products I'll let you do some personal research about YL essential oils yourself.

I also bought a smaller diffuser, it's about the size of a coffee mug, that plugs in via usb.  I have it in my office connected to my computer and am using it now.  I'm so relaxed...HA!  I plan on taking it on long road trips and plugging it up in my car.

If you are wanting to give Young Living a try - go sign up HERE, and choose Member.  At sign up you will become a wholesale member which means you can sell products yourself (or not, if you choose) and you get products at a discounted price of 24%.  You are not required to sell or even make another purchase ever.

Please be kind and use my Member# 14495360 in both the Enroller and Sponsor spots during sign up.  I would love to hear how you use your oils and which are your favorites.  Comment below and share your YL journey!

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