Prepare yourself for lots of laughs, cuddling, and a great time of hanging out!  Here's a simple guide of what to expect:



I find the most dreaded part of any photography session people have is...posing.  Well not to worry because posing is our job, not yours.  

Once we start shooting, we'll be directing you and helping you out with posing.  It's going to be SUPER awkward (just kidding).  If you're nervous, no need to worry.  I'm not expecting you to show up and model for me, I'll help you out!

 We love laughing, motion, and capturing moments.  Enjoy yourselves and do whatever comes natural as a couple because your pictures are more about your love story and less about the perfect pose.



Pinterest is loaded with clothing options.  Take a look around there to get some ideas but also keep in mind which locations we choose and how much moving around and walking we will be doing (a lot!), so choose comfortable clothes.

My biggest suggestion is to match each other in style but not in color.  For instance, if you are wearing a fabulous dress, he should compliment your outfit with a collared shirt or a suit (instead of t-shirt and jeans).  Plan to have 2 outfits, one fancy and the other causal.  I also suggest if we are planning an outdoor/woodsy session, earth tones and muted color clothing looks best--Click Here for earth tone ideas.  

For more clothing ideas, I have two Pinterest boards available, one for the LADIES and one for the GUYS.



I would love for you two to decide on a location!  Options to think about:

  • A place that is special to you

  • A location that you love the looks of whether it's a field/park or urban/downtown

  • A spot that only you have access to -- I'll admit this is my favorite because it hasn't usually been photographed before



  • Your session will last 1-2 hours, depending on location and outfit changes.

  • Your pictures will be emailed to you within 2-3 weeks after your session. Don't forget to download your images and save them.

  • Your location is more about lighting than it is about what you are standing in front of...just trust me!

  • Be yourselves! You know that cheesy line...Live, Love, Laugh? Well, do that.

  • Weather is crazy. We will reschedule the session if weather will not cooperate with our location choice.